Some brewers choose to make additions throughout the process in addition to the typical water, malt, hops and yeast. Process aids are popular additions to beer as they can increase efficiency, reduce waste and improve the overall quality and profitability of the product. There are different types of process aids including finings, antifoaming agents and stabilizers that can be used throughout the brewing process from brewhouse right through to maturation and storage. Lallemand Brewing offers process aids to help improve filtration, yeast vitality, protect against haze and products to help control foam production. LalBew products are available in natural, plant-derived formulations that are vegan-friendly. 
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Compac CG Kettle Fining Agent - Granules.

Item No.CCG31-11-13 Low stock
Price $75.6

Compac CG Kettle Fining Agent - Tablets.

Item No.CGT31-11-13 Low stock
Price $64.62

Foamsol Anti-Foaming 5kg.

Item No.FDC51-15-40 Low stock
Price $69.45

Protofine 2kg.

Item No.PFS51-12-13 Low stock
Price $92.12

Protosol 5kg.

Item No.PSL41-15-16 Low stock
Price $59

Vicant SBX Anti-Oxidant 2kg.

Item No.SBX51-11-13 Low stock
Price $107.56

Vicant SB Anti-Oxidant 2kg.

Item No.VSB51-11-13 Low stock
Price $40.6