Brewing YeastLachanacea spp.

Lallemand Brewing offers a range of yeast for beer brewing, including yeast for ale, kveik, lager, and sour beers. Every batch of Lallemand Brewing yeast adheres to the highest quality standards that guarantee predictable performance for the best brewing performance possible. This starts with carefully managed yeast and bacteria cultures from our own culture collection through customer-oriented logistics. Strict quality control is implemented at every stage. Lallemand Brewing has a series of 24 testing steps. For instance, beer fermentations in our standard wort are done with samples of every production to monitor lag phase and overall fermentation time as well as apparent attenuation to ensure the yeast ferments to its specification. After a short storage period, the bottled beer is tasted by a trained tasting panel. Order today and see for yourself the advantages of our high-quality dried yeast, including stability and long shelf life. 
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WildBrew Philly Sour Yeast (500g).

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